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Serena from Thrift Diving used the steam clean to clean out her minivan; she was impressed with how easily the

Handy Editor Dan Cary reviews the AutoRight Headlight Lens Restoration Kit. This kit includes everything you need to restore and polish at least two headlights.

Handy Magazine Editor Connie found an easy way to wash her car and siding without going to the car wash or buying a pressure washer.

The AutoRight Headlight Restoration kit can help improve the clarity of yellow, oxidized headlights with a simple do-it-yourself process.

Typically car washing means back bending, dripping sponges and fighting the hose. Not anymore with the Auto & Easy Wash Sticks your cleaning time is cut in half.

As featured on DIY Network I Want That - CLIKS FLOOR TILES Episode DIWT-101H.

Cleaning with the science of ions using the AutoRight Ionic Clean.