Ionic Clean
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Ionic Clean Washing Windows
Ionic Clean Washing Windows
Ionic Clean Washing Windows

Ionic Clean

No Spots and No Streaks
Use the Ionic Clean to clean your windows, cars, boats, RVs or anything that requires a spot-free rinse. This cleaning tool uses de-ionizing technology to create purified water that has unique cleaning qualities with no drying required.
Keep Your Surfaces Clean Longer
The de-ionizing technology grabs the dirt particles and rinses them away, leaving an ultra-clean surface that will repel dirt for longer periods of time.
How De-Ionizing Technology Works
As water flows through the Ionic Clean, positive and negative ionic exchange occurs. This removes the minerals and impurities that would normally remain on a surface and cause spots as the water dries.
Bypass Control
The Bypass mode is for initial cleaning and utilizes high velocity tap water. This conserves DI water to extend the filter life. Start the DI process by turning the dial to the DI setting.
Quick Connect Garden Hose
The Ionic Clean conveniently connects to a standard garden hose. This also allows you to easily reach your outdoor windows or vehicles when cleaning.
Replaceable DI Filter
Each filter lasts up to 35-142 minutes depending upon your water hardness. Replacement filters are available separately so that you can use the Ionic Clean again and again.
Soft Bristle Brush
The Ionic Clean’s soft bristle brush is abrasive enough to remove dirt and debris, but soft enough to safely clean your surface.
House Windows
Sick of seeing streaks and spots all over your windows? Rinse the glass with the Ionic Clean to instantly improve the clarity.
Safe for All Finishes
Safely clean your antique or restored car by using this gentle cleaning tool. After using the Ionic Clean, your prized vehicles will look brand new.
All Kinds of Vehicles
The Ionic Clean can be used on a variety of surfaces and vehicles. You can use it to rinse and clean your car, RV, boat, motorcycle or any other vehicle that needs a spot-free rinse.
  • Telescopic, flow-through pole extends your reach up to 63”
  • Flows approximately 0.7 gallons of water per minute
  • Attaches to standard garden hose
  • Filter life varies depending upon water hardness
  • Backed by a two year warranty

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