AutoRight Easy-Wash Stick
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Submerge Easy Wash Stick into bucket of water and pull back the handle
Push handle to feed water to the vehicle
Clean RVs easily

Easy-Wash Stick


The Easy-Wash Stick has a brush-head for cleaning applications where agitation is required. Soft bristle brush is abrasive enough to scrub dirt yet soft enough to safely clean all surfaces. The Easy-Wash Stick holds 16 ounces of cleaning solution in the handle submerge the brush head into soapy water and pull back the handle to draw it into the tube. Feed soapy water to the brush head by pushing the inner handle. The Easy-Wash Stick extends to 56", no need to connect to a garden hose. The Easy-Wash Stick is extremely portable and is the fastest, easiest way to clean your vehicle. The Easy-Wash Stick has the ability to clean many other items around the house; boat, RV, siding, chairs, etc. 


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