7 Inch Random Orbital All-Purpose Buffer
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7 Inch Random Orbital All-Purpose Buffer In Box
Ideal for applying wax or polish to large areas of vehicles.
Ideal for removing wax and polishing your vehicle to a showroom shine.

7 Inch Random Orbital All-Purpose Buffer

Make Your Car or Boat Look Brand New Again
Polish your car, boat or RV with the 7-inch random orbital buffer for flawless results. This buffer has the waxing and polishing power to remove minor surface imperfections on vehicles like water marks and oxidation.

Never Wax Your Vehicle by Hand Again
Waxing your vehicle by hand is time consuming, hard work. Save yourself time and effort by using the 7-inch buffer to create a superior, professional polish. This auto detailing tool is great for both applying and removing wax. 

Two Bonnets Included
The AutoRight buffer comes with one Microfiber bonnet and one Poly/Cotton bonnet. You can also purchase Foam and synthetic Lambs Wool bonnets separately. 

Three Steps to a Showroom Shine:
Always clean your vehicle before applying wax. Use the AutoRight Easy Wash Stick and Auto Wash Stick for fast, effective cleaning (sold separately). 

Apply Wax
Use the Poly/Cotton 6/7-inch bonnet to apply your wax. You can also use it to polish large areas on your vehicle. 

The included Microfiber bonnet works great for removing wax and polishing your vehicle. Your vehicle’s surface will never look shinier. 
  • 3500 rpm
  • 120 Volt 
  • .40 AMP 
  • 1 foot cord length
  • High-impact ABS plastic Shell
  • Replacement parts available 
  • Bonnets should fit most 6” and 7” car buffers.
  • Backed by a two year warranty

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