About Us

In 2013 HomeRight made the decision to brand the automotive products under a new name, AutoRight. Under the AutoRight you will see some of the great automotive products that HomeRight has offered for years including the Auto Wash Stick, Easy Wash Stick and EZI-Dry Squeegee - along with some unique new products including the 4 Inch Cordless Detailing Polisher and 6 inch Cordless Buffer/Polisher. The AutoRight name signifies that we are committed to offering innovative DIY auto products that help consumers care for their cars, trucks, SUVs and vans at home.

AutoRight and HomeRight have a history of innovation, a passion for quality, and a desire to exceed customer expectations. For over 25 years, HomeRight has been an innovator in the consumer painting industry. HomeRight is the originator of the PaintStick in 1986 and today has a full line of power painting applicators. As a corporation we are committed to quality that begins with product design. All HomeRight factories are ISO9000 certified. HomeRight engineers inspect first article production in every production run. HomeRight is so confident in its products' performance that they are all backed with a two-year warranty. 

The intention for our products is to make DIY (do-it-yourself) tasks faster and easier.