How To Save Your Back Washing The Car by the DIY Village

May 28, 2015

For anyone with lower back problems washing a car at home might seem like a bad idea; The DIY Village wanted to try out our Auto Wash Stick and Easy Wash Stick to see if it helped with their lower back problems and they were so impressed with how easy it made washing their car. No more reaching, the Wash Stick does the work for you. Simply place the mitt or bush in the bucket and pull back the handle to fill with cleaning solution. Then push the handle in to feed cleaning solution to the surface of the vehicle. The DIY Village really liked using this for reaching spots low on their car. Read more about their experience with the Wash Sticks on their blog; while you are there enter to win a Auto Wash Stick and Squeegee. 

Fill the Wash Sticks from a bucket of soapy water