Detail Your Car Like a Pro

August 19, 2015

Taking care of your vehicle and showing it a little love has proven to make it last longer, which is great for those budget minded people that are looking to hold onto their cars longer. Susan from Living Rich on Less blog recently used some of the AutoRight products to restore her 2005 vehicle into like-new condition inside and out. Susan used the Auto Wash and Easy Wash Sticks to wash her car in her driveway. She also used the 4" Polisher to buff out mystery scratches in the paint. Once the outside looked clean she moved to the inside and used the AutoRight Steamer to clean up her leather seats, windows and carpets. Keeping your vehicle(s) well-maintained can extend the life of a vehicle, more details can be found at Living Rich on Less blog. While you are there enter to win an AutoRight Ultimate Car Care Kit. Susan from Living Rich on Less is a HomeRight Brand Ambassador; she her other budget-friendly projects on her brand page on our web site

Living Rich on LessBuffer RestorationCleaning a car with the AutoRight Steamer